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Letter & Lighting Box manufacturers started business in 1994 as a hobby with only three people employed. The first products they manufactured were only the slab boxes for which Letter and Lighting box manufacturers still today hold the patent.

The business was started out of a double garage by Mr. & Mrs. Willem and Lina Welgemoed.

Later in 1994 Willem added one design letter box namely “the budget” to their slab box range. A rep started promoting this product to the businesses in the surrounding areas.

Having a request for a complex of flats, Willem designed the “Townhouse—letterbox” which has different options (against the wall or built into the wall). This letterbox comes either as a 3 door unit up to a 7 door unit.

In May 1996, the double garage became to small and business premises were bought in Birchleigh, Kempton Park. In 2011, these premises became too small and Letterboxes moved to No. 5 Protea Stree, Randfontein, from where Letter and Lighting box manufacturers still trade today.

Today we manufacture 9 different designs which accommodate all needs for the home owner as well as the flat-/cluster-/townhouse and commercial developments.

In January 1997 we started the delivery of the letterboxes known as ‘BWH-Gezina’ today. We also increased our distribution by supplying our 9 different designs to the Builders Warehouse group.

In March 2003 Mr. Willem Welgemoed and his son Vern Welgemoed registered the ‘Lighting-Box’ Patent with Design No. F2003/00330 and A2003/00329.

We are today the only patent holders of Lighting Boxes in South Africa. Beware of copy cats.

 For safety reasons, choose quality and stay with the original.

In 2003 Willem’s daughter Elmarié joined the family business. Since Willem passed away in October 2007, Lina and Elmarié have carried on succesfully with the family business.


We manufacture and design any steel box required with either 0.5 mm galvanized Steel or 0.8 mm cold rolled steel. Whether they are speaker boxes for a home theater system, suggestion boxes, communal letterboxes or other electrical boxes.


Try us! Give us your sketch, we will come back with a design and a comptetitive quote.



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